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Things to do in Prague

As well as the city's museums, monuments and other top attractions, Prague also offers a wide variety of activities and tours, which are very entertaining and unique. 

  • Teatro Negro Black Light Theatre, also called Black Theatre, is originally from Asia, but has become a pièce de resistance in the Czech Republic. This peculiar type of theatre is a must when visiting Prague. 
  • Paseo en barco por el Moldava A cruise on the Vltava River is an activity which is highly recommended and a good way to explore Prague while resting your feet for a few hours. Discovering the city's buildings and monuments from the Vltava River is a very memorable experience. 
  • Ópera Estatal The Prague State Opera is one of the most renowned in Europe. Opened since 1888, it features thousands of operas and ballets. Cheaps seating is easily found.