Prague Prices

Prices in Prague are relatively low compared to other European cities, especially capitals. Find how much things cost and prepare your budget before traveling to Prague.

Some examples

Here are some examples of prices in Prague in 2016:

  • Single journey public transport ticket: 30 (US$ 1.40)
  • 1-day transport ticket: 120 (US$ 5.40)
  • 1 beer in a bar: 35 (US$ 1.60)
  • Local Czech large sausage, bun and sauce in a street stall 30 (US$ 1.40) – 40 (US$ 1.80)
  • Basic Czech meal for two (without wine): from 500 (US$ 22.60) 
  • Double room in a centric hotel: from 40 (US$ 42.80) a night
  • Taxi from Prague Airport: Between 35 (US$ 1.60) and 45 (US$ 2)
  • Visiting a top monument: 50 (US$ 2.30) – 250 (US$ 11.30)
  • Prague tourist card for 2 days: 76 (US$ 81.40)


Tipping is the norm in restaurants in Prague. The normal amount is approximately 10% of the total amount of the bill. Unlike other countries, the tip is never left on the table; people wait for the waiter to come over with the bill and it's customary to hand them both the amount and the tip at the same time.