Prague Nightlife

Prague Nightlife

Prague has nightlife for every day of the week, but above all between Thursday and Saturday.

Bars, pubs, clubs, cabarets and jazz clubs make Prague one of the liveliest cities in Central Europe. In Prague, it is possible to go out every day of the week, but the best days are from Thursday to Saturday.

Where to go out?

Prague’s nightlife is concentrated in three areas of the city:

Charles Bridge

On the banks of the Vltava River, close to Charles Bridge, are some of the city’s most important bars and nightclubs. Thanks to its privileged location, this is one of the liveliest places to go out at night and tourists will find a great atmosphere in this area every day of the week. Locals don’t tend to go out in this area, as it is very touristy.

Zlaty Strom Bar & Music Club

Hotel, bar and club, Zlaty Strom (Karlova 187/6) is the ideal first place to visit on a night out. The bar has several rooms where you can either chill and have a drink, dance to 80’s music, or sit and admire the pole dancers (it is common for bars and clubs in Prague to have pole dancers).

Karlovy Lazne

Karlovy Lazne (Smetanovo nábřeží 198) is a five-floor club and one of the largest in Central Europe. Different music is played on each floor and visitors will find that this club is always full of people dancing and having a good time, even during the week. In the club you will also be able to find an Ice Bar, a room made completely out of ice at a temperature of -6°C (21°F). If you want to have a drink in this bar, you will have to pay a separate entry fee, which includes one drink, a coat and gloves.

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is the centre of the city’s nightlife.  This square offers some of the best and most popular bars, cabarets and night clubs in Prague.  This area is also famous for its concert halls, the most legendary one being Lucerna Music Bar, inside Lucerna Palace, a site intended for concerts, with a cinema, music club, and shops.

Duplex Restaurant and Club

A giant glass cube looking down on Wenceslas Square, Duplex (Václavské náměstí 831/21) is a stylish, two storey club with a large terrace and great music. This is the city’s most fashionable club. If you don’t have time to see it during the night, you can also have lunch at its restaurant or have a drink at its bar during the evening.


Nebe (Václavské náměstí 56) is a lively cocktail and music bar popular with locals and tourists. It is located very close to the National Museum.

Near the Old Town Square

In most of the narrow streets that lead to the Old Town Square there are bars and clubs. The local youth prefer the ones found on the following roadways: Dlouhá, Michalská and Melantrichova.

Dlouhá Street

Dlouhá Street is renowned for its lively and unique bars. Some of the best are Bombay Bar (Dlouhá 13), which is a perfect place to have “afterwork” drinks, and Harleys Bar (Dlouhá 18), described as the “coolest hell on earth”. This place is more alternative with bar tenders that give impressive shows, insuring an unforgettable night.


Roxy (Dlouhá 33) is one of the oldest and best clubs in Prague. If you like electro-house-techno music, this is the place to go. Live concerts and other events are also organised in this club. It is open every day of the week and international djs are invited almost every weekend.

Melantrichova Street and Michalská Street

On these streets you will find renowned bars like Double Trouble (Melantrichova 970/17) and clubs such as Temple (Michalská 29). This club is located in a church and is quite curious to see. These places are normally full of young locals and very few tourists.

To bear in mind

  • The most common drink in Prague is beer. If you feel like ordering a mixed drink, you will have to order the two drinks separately and pay for them separately.

  • Bars and clubs that charge an entry fee normally cost between 50 (US$ 2.20) and 200 (US$ 8.80).

  • Dress code: Normally the bars and clubs in Prague don’t have dress codes, but you might want to dress smartly if you plan on going to Duplex.