Black Light Theatre of Prague

Black Light Theatre of Prague

Black Light Theatre, although present in other countries, is an experience which originated in Prague, and attending a production should be obligatory for any visitor to the city.

The Black Light Theatre of Prague, also called Black Theatre, is a unique type of theatre based on the inability of the human eye to differentiate black on black.

In a black theatre play, actors are completely dressed in black with a stage that is decorated in black, so that the spectators can only see what the actors want them to see.

Fluorescent objects and costumes paired with mime, dance, and acrobatics make this a unique performance well worth seeing.

Although this type of theatre originated from Imperial China, the Czechs revolutionized the lighting techniques and performance art, transforming the Black Light Theatre into a breathtaking show.

Visitors won’t have to worry about not understanding the representation, since the plays are always through body motions, without the use of speech.

Black Theatre in the world

Nowadays, this type of theatre can be seen anywhere in the world. However, we strongly recommend going to one of these plays in Prague, where the music and special effects will impress all.

Theatres and plays

These are the top theatres:

When choosing a play, we recommend seeing Aspects of Alice, the country’s most renowned Black Light Theatre performance. It tells the story of how the character Alice (Alice in Wonderland) becomes a woman after leaving Wonderland. You'll find this play in the theatre Ta Fantastika. Another play we recommend, which is quite contemporary, is called Anthology and is shown in the modern Smec Black Light Theatre


Tickets are relatively expensive. A ticket will cost between 20 (US$ 21.40) and 30 (US$ 32.20), depending on the play.

Where to buy the tickets?

To find the best deals, we recommend purchasing the tickets online.


If you're already in Prague and haven’t booked your ticket, you can get special deals when you book a cruise on the Vltava River. If you buy your sightseeing cruise on the Charles Bridge, you'll get a discount for the Black Light Theatres.