General information on Prague

General information on Prague

Before travelling to Prague it's normal to have many doubts: what is the official currency, will I be able to get by without knowing English, do they use the same type of plug as in my country, and do they use the same type of socket as in my country? Find all the information about Prague you need to plan your trip.


Staré Město

Staré Město, the Old Town is in the heart of Prague and the most charming part of the city to discover and find accommodation

Malá Strana

Malá Strana is one of the oldest districts in Prague. Located near Prague Castle, it houses major monuments and buildings


During the ninth century, Bořivoj, the Duke of Bohemia, commissioned the construction of the Prague Castle, founding the city of Prague.


Josefov was established when two Jewish communities that lived in the region during the Middle Ages merged gradually. It became part of Prague in 1850.

Nové Město

The New Town was established and designed by Charles IV in 1348. This part of Prague has witnessed the most important historic events of the 20th century.


Vyšehrad was one of the six independent towns in Prague. It is one of the lesser-known parts of the city.

Further Information

Prague facts & figures

Prague has over 1,5 million inhabitants, of which 81% are Czech; the female population is higher than the male. Prague is 662 ft (202m) above sea level.

Opening hours

The majority of stores in Prague are open from Monday – Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am until midday, and close on Sundays. However, the larger shops are open until 8 pm every day. Shopping centres are normally open seven days a week until 9 pm. Banks are open 5 days a week from 9 am – 6 pm.

Electricity, plugs and sockets

In the Czech Republic, the plug socket used is type C (Europlug used in most European countries), with two round holes and one round pin. It has a voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50 Hz.  If the plugs are different in your country, we recommend you get a universal charger or you can borrow one in your hotel.


Just as in the rest of Europe, if you are an EU citizen and would like free healthcare in Prague you will need the European Health Insurance Card. If you are from the UK you can apply by clicking on this link.

Helpful telephone numbers

  • Emergency calls: 112
  • Police: 158
  • Ambulance: 155
  • Prague area code: 02
  • Czech Republic area code: +42