Transport Tickets & Travel Cards

Transport Tickets & Travel Cards

The transport tickets and travel passes are valid for all of Prague’s public transport system. Depending on the number of days in the city and where your accommodation is located, you can decide which pass is most convenient for you.

Basic Ticket

The basic ticket is valid for 90 minutes after validating it at one of the yellow vending machines; therefore, visitors can combine several means of transportation or various lines during the 90 minutes (ie: metro with metro, metro with tram, tram with bus etc. All combinations are possible). The ticket costs 40 (US$ 1.80).

Short-term Ticket

This ticket is valid for the tram and bus for 20 minutes with the possibility of transfers between different types of transport. It's valid for 30 minutes and a distance of 5 stations on the metro.

This ticket costs 30 (US$ 1.30) and is a good way of saving money on certain journeys.  

Luggage transport ticket

If you're travelling with luggage, you'll have to purchase an extra luggage transport ticket for 20 (US$ 0.90) per suitcase. Backpacks and handbags don't require this ticket.

1-day transport ticket

You can purchase a 1-day transport ticket for 120 (US$ 5.30) that'll allow you to use unlimited transport in Prague for 24 hours. If you’re staying in the outskirts this might be the best option to get around the city. 

3-day transport ticket

This ticket is similar to the one above, but it's valid for 3 days.

These tickets cost 330 (US$ 14.50) and are valid for 72 hours.