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Prague Public Transport

Prague has a very efficient public transport system, including a bus, tram and metro (subway – underground) network. It works very similarly to other large cities, where a one-way ticket is valid for a limited period of time in which passengers can use several means of transportation (30 or 90 minutes depending on the ticket).

Means of transport

  • Metro The metro in Prague only has three lines which will take you to all the city’s top attractions and museums. Find out more about its main stops.
  • Tranvías Since 1875, the tram has been one of the most popular means of transport in Prague. The Prague tramway network currently has 88,5 miles (142,4 km) of tracks.
  • Autobuses Although the best way to get around Prague is by tram or by metro, the bus routes are useful if you want to visit nearby places of interest or other towns.
  • Taxis Taxis are considered relatively expensive compared to the general cost of living in Prague. Find out more about local rates and useful radio taxi numbers.
  • Funicular de Petřín Inaugurated in 1891, the Petřín funicular is the best way to get to the top of Petřín hill from Malá Strana. Petřín is a favorite spot among the residents of Prague. 

How to get transport tickets and passes?

Transport tickets and passes can be purchased in any metro station, either at a vending machine or ticket office. Keep in mind that the vending machines only accept coins and can be used in English. Passengers can also buy their tickets in certain newsagents, tourist information centers or tobacco shops. If you are planning on taking the tram, we recommend getting the tickets beforehand.

Always validate your ticket

Passengers will always need to validate their ticket before getting on the metro or once on the bus and tram in the yellow machines. This is important as there are frequent controls by inspectors, who will fine you if you haven't validated your ticket.

Prague transport map

Although it is a little confusing, you can click here to download a transport map of Prague.