Prague Public Transport - Getting around on public transport
Prague Public Transport

Prague Public Transport

Prague has a very efficient public transport system, including a bus, tram and metro network which can take you to any part of the city.

How to get transport tickets and passes?

Transport tickets and passes can be purchased in any metro station, either at a vending machine or ticket office. If you're planning on taking the tram, we recommend getting the tickets beforehand.

The system is similar to that in many other cities, it remains valid for a period of time throughout which you can use it as many times as you like

Always validate your ticket

While the ticket inspectors aren't as vigilant as in cities such as Budapest, there's a chance you'll be asked to show your ticket.

Passengers will always need to validate their ticket before getting on the metro or once on the bus and tram in the yellow machines

Prague transport map

Although it's not very clear, you can click here to download a transport map of Prague.