Czech Souvenirs

Czech Souvenirs

Like the city itself, Prague has beautiful traditional products that make great souvenirs. Here are some of the most popular and famous objects from Prague

Marionettes and puppets

Until our trip to Prague, we had never noticed puppets in other cities, but walking through the streets of the city, we started to see beautiful puppets. You'll find puppet shops all over Prague. Puppets and marionettes have been used in this area since the Middle Ages and are an important part of the country’s cultural history. These traditional Czech wooden puppets and marionettes are truly breath-taking, and visitors will be able to find these at numerous shops in Prague.

The small carved marionettes cost between 10 (US$ 10.90) and 15 (US$ 16.30) and make a unique and very special souvenir from the Czech Republic. One of the most charming puppet shops is located in the Golden Lane.

Bohemia Crystal

Also called Bohemian Glass, Bohemia Crystal is originally from the Bohemia region, as its name suggests, and specifically from the Czech Republic and Poland.

The Bohemian Glass dates back to the thirteenth century but did not become famous until the Renaissance period. Nowadays, Prague is full of shops selling this beautiful and colourful souvenir.

Matryoshka dolls

Although originally Russian, matryoshka dolls are very famous in Prague and have become a typical souvenir.

The Russian doll is a set of different sized dolls placed inside one another.

Other traditional products

Prague is also famous for its musical instruments, craftwork, antiques and wooden toys.