Prague Taxis

Prague Taxis

Taxis in Prague are quite expensive compared to the rest of the prices in the city. Get to know the prices and some recomendations so you don't pay more than you should.

If we compare the average wage in the Czech Republic with a local taxi rate in Prague, we come to realize that taxis are considered a luxury for most citizens in this city. Although the drop charge isn’t very high, the rate per kilometre is higher than in most European capitals, for example, Madrid and Rome.

Taxi drivers in Prague have a very bad reputation and are known for frequently swindling their passengers. It is said that a taxi driver once even charged the Mayor of Prague extra.


From 2007 the taxi rates have been regulated by law:

  • Drop charge: 40 (US$ 1.70)
  • Price per kilometre: 28 (US$ 1.20)
  • Each minute waiting: 6 (US$ 0.30)


Anyone who has taken a taxi in Prague will have noticed that the drivers are not particularly honest, even though in the past few years the system is changing for the better. Here are a few suggestions if you’re thinking of taking a taxi and don’t want to pay extra:

  • All legal taxis will have a taxi roof sign.
  • Taxis will have the name of the company and license plate number printed on the two front doors.
  • When you get into the taxi, the taximeter has to be set to zero.
  • Always ask for a receipt. This will help if you think they have charged you extra.
  • We suggest calling a central dispatcher in advance and avoid flagging a taxi in the street. By doing this, you will also most likely get a taxi driver that speaks English.

Taxi companies

Strangely, with certain taxi companies, the rates are cheaper if you call their central dispatcher instead of getting a taxi at a stop or on the street.

These are the numbers of the most important taxi companies:

  • ProfiTaxi: (+420) 844 700 800
  • CityTaxi: (+420) 257 257 257
  • TaloTaxi: (+420) 244 114 411