Prague City Buses

Prague City Buses

Prague buses are not the most recommended option for tourists, but they are interesting for some particular routes.

The bus network in Prague covers the outskirts of the city centre, since this part of the city is already well-connected thanks to the metro and tram.

The two buses that visitors will most likely use are the 119 and 110, which is the cheapest way to get from Prague Airport to the city centre.


The urban bus schedule is very similar to the tram. The daytime buses run from 4:30 am until midnight and the night buses run from midnight to 4:30 am.

The daytime city buses will leave every 10 minutes at rush hour and every 15- 30 minutes at off-peak.

Nigh time buses run every 30 minutes (501, 502, 504, 505, 508, 509, 511), every 60 minutes (503, 506, 510, 512) and 90 minutes (507).

Bus stations

If you want to visit nearby towns by bus, these are the five most important bus stations in Prague:

  • Florenc: The main bus station for international bus routes, Florenc is located in district 8, Krizíkova (metro lines B and C, metro station Florenc).
  • Na Knízecí: In district 5 Nádrazní (metro lines B, Andel metro station)
  • Holesovice: In district 7, Partyzánská (metro line C, Nádrazí Holesovice metro station)
  • Roztyly: District 4, Rysavého (metro line C, Roztyly metro station)
  • Cerny Most: District 9 (metro line B, Cerny Most metro station)